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About LifeStyle

The LifeStyle Gp Company provides a full line of custom lens designs and materials.

Owner Elizabeth Kolisch is committed to providing you and your patients with:

  • State-of-the-art GP lens designs
  • Consultation for your most difficult cases
  • Consistent manufacturing quality
  • Fast, efficient delivery

We pride ourselves in offering products to meet the needs of your presbyopic and keratoconus patients. More presbyopic patients have been successfully fit with The Lifestyle Gp than any other multifocal in the world. We are also the only laboratory that manufactures the original Soper Cone lens design. "If we didn't make it , it's not a Soper Cone."

Our goal is to meet or exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality products. We are proud recipients of the Seal of Excellence from the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association.  By participating in this program we voluntarily submit our lenses to be randomly tested by an independent party to ensure they meet ANSI Z890.2 tolerances.

LifeStyle Gp Lenses

  • Patented multi-aspheric back surface
  • Designed for comfort
  • Simultaneous vision
  • Enhanced near acuity as the lens translates
  • Available in effective adds up to +3.75D
  • Lens Tutorial

Consultation 888-379-6645

PDF  LifeStyle Gp Lenses Fitting Sheet


LifeStyle Marquis Lenses

  • Patented back surface aspheric multifocal
  • Biaspheric dual focal design featuring Curve Differential Optics
  • Spherical anterior surface
  • One diameter
  • Two add powers fit most presbyopic patients successfully
  • Easy to fit, easy to adapt, easy to wear

Consultation 888-379-6645

PDF  LifeStyle Marquis Lenses Fitting Sheet


Soper Cone Lenses

  • Two posterior surface curves
  • Central steeper curve is designed to fit the cone
  • Second curve fits the flatter more normal peripheral area
  • Fitting technique is based on sagittal values
  • Ten lens diagnostic fitting set is available

Consultation 888-379-6645

PDF  Soper Cone Lenses


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